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IPPA Code of Ethics

As a Qualified Member of the IPPA, each Photographer hereby agrees:

  1. I will endeavor to provide customers & clients with a standard of excellence of photographic images and customer service that will increase my professional standing and that of the IPPA.
  2. To always be courteous and professional in my dealings with customers & clients, suppliers, fellow IPPA members, and the general public, in the carrying out of assignments, and in the running of my business.
  3. If asked for assistance of any kind by a fellow IPPA member, I agree to be as helpful as possible, and undertake to speak about photography with any fellow professional (and or student) photographer.
  4. In the event of a dispute with a customer or client, I agree to involve myself in the Association's arbitration procedures, and that I will communicate in a professional and timely manner during that arbitration. Furthermore I agree to implement IPPA Council's recommendations following arbitration.
  5. If asked for an opinion on another photographers work, I will endeavor to keep my remarks as positive as possible, whether the photographer is an IPPA member or not.
  6. If I make any competition entry or application to the Association to upgrade my Qualification, or, if I request the Association to submit images created by me to any outside body for the purposes of a Qualification upgrade, I agree not to discuss the outcome of the competition/grading with anyone in the first instance except the specified nominee of the Association, or outside body.
NB The Association will nominate such a person at the time of accepting the entry or Application.