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Irish Professional Photographer of the Year Awards

There are 4 judging's throughout the year in May, July, September and November. These judging's are open judging's and are usually held on a Monday from 2 - 5 p.m. for Social Judging and 6 - 9 p.m. for Commercial Judging.  Please visit the Online Calendar for judging location. 

Participants submit work via an online upload system, available here

All images are then judged on a properly calibrated monitor by a judging panel that is selected by the Chairperson.

The minimum qualification for judging is Associateship Qualification.

A 'Call for Entry' with all the necessary criteria for submission is sent out to members on a regular basis with the Rules for Entry, which can also be downloaded here.

The cost of each image entry is €10. There are 16 different categories to enter your work and you may enter a maximum of 4 categories per judging round and a total of 6 images per category.

The images are then judged by a minimum of 5 judges and images are awarded as follows:

  • No Award
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

At the end of the year when all the judgings have taken place, participants who have received 4 bronze awards in a catergory can enter 1 portfolio of 4 images in any of the categories.  It is these images that will be part of the final judging to determine the Irish Professional Photographer of the Year.

You may also select 3 of your favourite images for the Best Single Image Award. A Best Single Image Award is given in each of the 16 categories. You can only enter a maximum of 3 images in total from whatever categories you choose provided the image has achieved a Silver or Gold Award.  Please note that it is 3 images in total and not 3 images per category.

Category winners and single best image winners will also be determined at this time. This judging is a closed judging and is usually judged by Photographers who have a minimum qualification of Fellowship. The judging is chaired by our own chairperson who has not taken part in the competition.

The Awards are announced at an Awards Ceremony that is held to celebrate the Irish Professional Photographer of the Year. This event usually takes place on the last Sunday in February each year.