IPPVA Membership Fees

Full Member €220

Only full-time practising Professional Photographers & Videographers who have successfully completed the Applicant membership process may be considered for FULL membership of the Association. You must be registered and have valid Public Liability Insurance cover in the industry standard amount of €6,500,000.

International Member €200 (Overseas)

Subject to Council's approval, any person who has been a FULL member of the Association and is now resident outside Ireland, or who, if resident in Ireland, would be eligible for FULL membership and is already a member of his/her National Association.

Inplant Member €180

A professional photographer not in public practice.

Student Member €25

Any person studying a recognised academic or technical Photography course for career purposes.

Retired Member €50

Members who were previously FULL members can opt for this category when they can demonstrate that they have clearly retired from the business of professional photography.

Auxiliary Member €50

Persons who are deemed to be supporters of, contributors to and or sympathetic to the Association.

IPPVA Group Insurance Facility

Full Members and successful Applicants can avail of this scheme.

Membership Rules