The IPPVA invites tenders from website developers to develop a new website for the associationFebruary 14th, 2019

The Irish Professional Photographers & Videographers Association invites tenders from website developers to develop a new website for the association.

The new website must meet the following requirements:

* WordPress based

* Responsive and mobile-ready

* A fast loading design, allowing for a heavily image-focused website.

* Designed within the recently developed IPPVA brand guidelines (available to prospective developers on request)

* SEO optimised

* Support member registration and profile pages for 200+ members operating in multiple genres across photo and video (and both)

* Seamless integration of video into profile pages for video members

* Seamless integration of retina-resolution photos into profile pages for photo members (both horizontal, vertical, of varying aspect ratios)

* Support new member application process

* Support for annual subscriptions via a payment gateway

* Login, logout, password reset functionality

* Support for a “members area” viewable only by logged in members.

* Support for different classes of website users (visitors, members, editors, administrators)

* Integration with existing awards website and software

* Automated image watermarking (eg for award winning images)

* Multiple image galleries per member, and for the overall site

* Ability to create new events, accept bookings, and contact attendees

* Image uploads with max settings for size and format

* Member search functionality that hides members without a valid subscription and optionally orders results by the total award count

* Support for Discount codes

* Automated creation of award winning galleries per photographer

* Contact forms for users to contact members and /or the IPPVA central office

* From an SEO perspective, successfully manage the transition from the current site to the new site i.e. any changes in search engine indexed URLs will be correctly redirected in accordance with best SEO practices.

The tender should include

* details of a track record in developing sites of similar complexity

* a quote for cost for development work (subject to final agreement of requirements and specification by both parties)

* proposed phased development schedule up to website launch

* details of any proposed maintenance agreement beyond launch

* any other relevant information that will assist the association in assessing the tender.

Tenders should be sent in PDF format to by close of business on Friday 1st March, 2019.

Enquiries for further information or clarifications can be sent to the same email address.